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Rev. John Tapp
Mrs. Mary Myers
Mrs. Maureen Ringley
Assistant Principal
Mrs. Jo-Hanna Hohman
Director of Admissions
Mrs. Jennifer Seebaran
Director of Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment
Mrs. Therese Alonso
Director of School Affairs
Mrs. Rebecca Turley
Director of Technology
Mrs. Andrea Cseh
School Counselor


Mrs. Farah Dixon
IT Support Specialist
Mrs. Marlene Pescatore
Registered School Nurse
Mrs. Lisette Moore
School Office Assistant
Mrs. Katharine Ramirez
School Receptionist
Mrs. Laura Bray
Strategic Planning Coordinator
Miss Maryann Wickman

Prekindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Shauna Jedinak
PreK3A Teacher
Mrs. Megan Coletta
PreK3A Assistant
Mrs. Tammy Hohman
PreK3B Teacher
Mrs. Liz Hauer
PreK3B Assistant
Mrs. DeDe Waldron
PreK4A Teacher
Mrs. Rose Kraus
PreK4A Assistant
Mrs. Bradlea Lowman
PreK4B Teacher
Mrs. Catherine Rice
PreK4B Assistant

Elementary School Teachers

Mrs. Mary Haslam
KA Teacher
Mrs. Jane Pacheco
KA Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Lyndsey Dittebrand
KB Teacher
Mrs. Mari Smith
KB Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Tasha Pierce
KC Teacher
Mrs. Janine Chapuis
KC Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Julia Bierhaus
1A Teacher
Mrs. Vicki Hingle
1A Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Noelle Hamilton
1B Teacher
Mrs. Myriam Acaldo
1B Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Allison Revelle
1C Teacher
Mrs. Debbie Brauneker
1C Instructional Assistant
Ms. Alyssa Duet
2A Teacher
Mrs. Doreen Radder
2A Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Nancy Rodriguez
2B Teacher
Mr. Mike Power
2B Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Kathleen Greenberg
3A Teacher
Mrs. Edie Lewis
3A Instructional Assistant
Ms. Bridget Plimley
3B Teacher
Mr. Tim Dillow
3B Instructional Assistant
Ms. Susannah Spear
4A Teacher
Mrs. Kathy Power
4B Teacher
Mr. Edward Giroux
4A/4B Assistant
Mrs. Kate Richardson
5A Teacher
Mrs. Patti LetoBarone
5B Teacher
Mrs. Reina Garcia
5th Grade Instructional Assistant

Middle School Teachers

Mrs. Debbie Price
6A Teacher
Mr. William Amrhein
6B Teacher
Mrs. Sheila Galvis
7A Teacher
Mrs. Karla Dunnigan
7B Teacher
Mrs. Kathy Kambach
8A Teacher
Mrs. Toni Tarsi
8B Teacher

Resource Teachers

Mrs. Michele Montanez
Resource Teacher
Mrs. Kate Richardson
Enrichment Teacher
Ms. Bonnie Weicht
Enrichment Teacher
Mrs. Sharon Phelps
Speech Teacher
Mrs. Heather Baggs
Title 1 Teacher

Specials Teachers

Mrs. Sara Stoughton
Art Teacher
Mrs. Susan Winter
Media Center Specialist
Miss Kelly Kirst
Music & Performing Arts Teacher
Mr. Patrick Callaghan
PE Teacher
Ms. Stephanie Murphy
PE Teacher
SeƱora Dina Rodriguez
Spanish Teacher
Mr. Thomas Sanjurjo
Technology Teacher

Cafeteria Services

Mr. Jake Samuels
Cafeteria Director
Mrs. Patty West
Mrs. Lee Ann Tillis

Extended Day Staff

Mr. Tim Dillow
Director of Extended Day
Mrs. Pat Carpenter
Extended Day Staff
Mrs. Eneida Garcia-Hernandez
Extended Day Staff
Mrs. Ivelisse Gonzalez
Extended Day Staff
Mr. Michael Leavitt
Extended Day Staff
Mr. Matt Olsen
Extended Day Staff
Mrs. Catherine Rice
Extended Day Staff
Mrs. Elvia Santiago
Extended Day Staff


Mr. Charlie Eder
Director of Facilities
Mr. Wazir Bakhsh
Mrs. Mery Montes de Oca
Mr. Jose M. Rodriguez
Mr. Jose R. Rodriguez
Mr. Luis Rodriguez
Mr. Jean Saltos


Mr. Rob Martin
Director Of Finance and Operations
Mrs. Kathy Damico
Finance Admin. Asst., Tuition, Financial Aid
Mrs. Susan Fogarty
Finance Assistant

"Nativity Catholic School recognizes each student as a unique child of God and provides a learning environment that develops each student's spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and emotional gifts."

Our campus is located at:

705 East Brandon Boulevard, Brandon, FL, 33511
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