Curriculum Overview

Nativity Catholic School is founded on the Gospel teachings of Christ. It operates on the belief that an excellent school culture and a rigorous academic program will develop each of its students as a unique child of God. Students and teachers alike are held to high standards and are provided with the support and resources necessary to meet these expectations. Our school community strives to develop the spiritual, academic, physical, cognitive, social, emotional and creative needs of every student. To meet these needs, a data-driven and developmentally appropriate curriculum has been implemented for all students in Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade. Our curriculum is driven by the Florida Standards, the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and Diocesan standards, as well as the Florida Early Learning & Developmental Standards for Pre- Kindergarten.

Our Curricular Goals

Nativity Catholic School's seven over‐arching curricular goals are:

  • Faith formation which nurtures children's personal relationship with a loving God
  • Expanding and integrating students' knowledge
  • Helping children learn how to learn
  • Developing students' communication skills
  • Fostering children's interpersonal skills
  • Building students' thinking and reasoning skills
  • Linking children's personal and social responsibility to the Gospel message.

Nativity Catholic School's Core Curricular Classes

Faith formation inclusive of teachings of the Catholic Church, moral decision making, social justice, prayer experiences including weekly Mass, and stewardship/service through school projects and class ministries.

Language Arts
Emphasis upon oral and written communication skills, developing reading comprehension and a love of literature, a strong grammar skill base, and the extension of vocabulary as tools for expressing learning across the curriculum.

Essential skills with number systems and number theory mastered and applied to problem solving, real‐world situations, and critical thinking activities. Students can earn high school credit for Algebra I in this program.

Discovery‐based program of life, earth, physical, and space sciences designed to promote curiosity and scientific inquiry skills through hands‐on/minds‐on/hearts‐on lab experiences. Students can earn high school credit for Integrated Physical Science in this program.

Social Studies
Community, national, and international studies of history, geography, and social science with emphasis on Christian citizenship in an interdependent, ever‐changing world.

Instruction in the national world languages goals of communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities. Students can earn high school Spanish I credit in this program.

Core II Classes

Exploration of the elements of line, shape, color, value, form, texture and space using varied media that encourage creative expression.

Applies the elements of melody, harmony, rhythm and musical notation and allows for self‐expression and creativity through singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and performing.

Applied use of varied technologies for cross‐curricular research, projects, multimedia presentations, science and math applications, and broadcast communications.

Develops information literacy for research, promotes comprehension through exposure to varied literature, and fosters the desire to read for personal enjoyment.

Physical Education
Promotes fitness, spatial awareness, motor skills development, movement, drills, team sports, and health and wellness through the study of body systems and nutrition.

Age‐appropriate lessons on topics such as empathy, decision‐making, dealing with emotions, drug prevention, building healthy relationships, self‐awareness, and handling peer pressure.

Photograph of Mrs. Jennifer Seebaran
Mrs. Jennifer Seebaran
AP of Academic Affairs