Nativity Catholic School Academics

The Vision of Nativity Catholic School is to Form the Saints and Scholars of the 21st Century. To realize our Vision, together we will: 

  • Model Jesus and the Catholic Church 
  • Respect the Diversity of all God’s Children 
  • Learn because it is our Vocation 
  • Achieve our God-given Potential

Our Vision helps us to create an excellent school culture and a rigorous academic program that develops each of our students as a unique child of God. Students and teachers are held to high standards and are provided with the support and resources necessary to meet these expectations. We provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum for all students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Our curriculum is driven by the Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards and Diocesan standards.  Pre-kindergarten curricular materials are aligned to the Florida Early Learning & Developmental Standards.

Our Curricular Goal

By the end of 2021, all classrooms at Nativity Catholic School, will meet or exceed the indicators required to apply to become a STREAM certified school through the Florida Catholic Conference.

STREAM – the integration of science, technology, religion, engineering, the arts, and math education. 

What makes a school a STREAM school?

  • The school’s mission and Catholic identity are fully integrated into every aspect of the school
  • All classrooms are centers of fully engaged, 21st century learners with authentic use of technology by both the teachers and the students is an integral part of the teaching and learning
  • A guaranteed and viable curriculum is present
  • Interdisciplinary, project-based, inquiry-based learning is evident throughout the school
  • Students have an understanding of religious, scientific, artistic, technological, mathematical, and engineering concepts and processes for personal decision making and participation in civic and cultural affairs
  • Professional development for all staff members is a priority
  • The professional learning communities within the school and with other professional educators highlight STREAM topics, improvement of instruction and learning, use of data to make instructional decisions, innovative integration of technology, and methods to continue to improve the Catholic culture of the school

Nativity Catholic School's Core Courses

Religion: Students will receive instruction in faith formation inclusive of teachings of the Catholic Church, moral decision making, social justice, prayer experiences including weekly Mass, and stewardship/service through school projects and class ministries.

Language Arts: Students will engage with and analyze informational and literary complex texts. There will be an emphasis on oral and written communication skills. A strong grammar skill base and the extension of vocabulary as tools for expressing learning across the curriculum will be developed.

Math: Students will develop essential skills with number systems and number theory mastered and applied through problem solving, real-world application, and critical thinking activities. Middle school students have the opportunity to earn high school credit for Algebra I and Geometry.

Science: Students will be immersed in the Next Generations Science Standards through hands-on investigations, literacy-rich activities, and interactive digital tools to empower students to think, read, write, design prototypes, conduct investigations, and engage in scientific argumentation like real scientists and engineers. Students have the opportunity to earn high school credit for Integrated Physical Science.  

Social Studies: Students will become informed citizens through instruction on community, national, and international studies of history, geography, and social science with emphasis on Christian citizenship in an interdependent, ever‐changing world.

Spanish: Students receive instruction in the national world language goals of communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities. Middle school students can earn high school for Spanish I.

Nativity Catholic School's Core II Courses

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade engage in a variety of courses during their academic day that includes the following Core II classes that enrich their learning experiences.

Exploration of the elements of line, shape, color, value, form, texture and space using varied media that encourage creative expression.

Applies the elements of melody, harmony, rhythm and musical notation and allows for self‐expression and creativity through singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and performing.

Applied use of varied technologies for cross‐curricular research, projects, multimedia presentations, science and math applications, and broadcast communications.

Develops information literacy for research, promotes comprehension through exposure to varied literature, and fosters the desire to read for personal enjoyment.

Physical Education
Promotes fitness, spatial awareness, motor skills development, movement, drills, team sports, and health and wellness through the study of body systems and nutrition.

Age‐appropriate lessons on topics such as empathy, decision‐making, dealing with emotions, drug prevention, building healthy relationships, self‐awareness, and handling peer pressure.


Students in sixth through eighth grade engage in a variety of courses during their academic day that includes the following Core II elective classes that enrich their learning experiences.

Photograph of Mrs. Jennifer Seebaran
Mrs. Jennifer Seebaran
AP of Academic Affairs