Nativity Catholic School offers a diverse and differentiated curriculum designed to meet the needs of all our students. The goal of our resource program is to provide students who encounter academic difficulties the opportunity to find success, build confidence in their skills and become their own self-advocates. The resource teacher recognizes that students have unique gifts and learning needs, and strives to help each student she serves experience Christ's love and compassion through the support that is provided.

Once a student is identified as having a diagnosed disability, the Child First Team (which includes the resource teacher, classroom teachers, the Director of CIA, and the guidance counselor) develops a Diocesan Student Support Plan (SSP), which outlines appropriate accommodations for the student.

Hillsborough County Schools offers speech/language therapy to students who meet the criteria for speech (articulation) and/or language. The assigned speech/language pathologist provides therapy to eligible students in grades kindergarten through 8th grade in pull-out sessions during the school day on campus.

Title I program services are also delivered, via a pull-out program during the school day, to eligible students via Hillsborough County schools, based on the national Title program funding that the public school system receives.

Photograph of Mrs. Jennifer Seebaran
Mrs. Jennifer Seebaran
AP of Academic Affairs