One exciting initiative at Nativity Catholic School is the utilization of iPads or Microsoft Surface Pro tablets for all students. Grades PreK3 – 5 utilize a classroom set of iPads (iPad Mini or iPad Air) and every student in Grades 6 – 8 receives a Microsoft Surface tablet to use at school as part of our 1:1 tablet initiative. Additionally, each classroom is equipped with technologies such as Mimio Boards and/or SmartBoards, and projectors.

Today's students are digital natives as they are growing up with technology. In order to reach a digital generation, we need to incorporate and expand on the use of such devices. Students are motivated and engaged with the devices and are eager to learn and explore more in subject areas.

We believe in helping our students reach 21st century learning goals, and we are working to the best of our ability to make our programs successful.

Nativity Catholic School students and parents must sign and submit the Acceptable Use Policy form before students will be permitted to use the Internet in school.

For any Technology related questions, please contact:

Rebecca Turley
Director of Technology

Technology Items Ordering

Add any technology items to your shopping cart. Your student can then pick up items in the Tech Help Room #216 after payment has been received. 


Microsoft Surface Pen


Experience the ultimate modern writing experience with Surface Pen. Write, draw or mark-up documents digitally.

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Microsoft Surface Type Cover


Transform your Surface Pro into a premium laptop with Surface Pro Type Cover.

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Surface Pro Charger


65W Power Supply. 

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