The Nativity Athletic Program functions under the same philosophy as Nativity Catholic School. The purpose of this program is to develop physical skill in conjunction with teamwork and positive leadership skills. Participating in a sport is a privilege, and all athletes must exemplify good Christian behavior in order to keep that privilege.


  • JV (Grades 5/6) and Varsity (Grades 7/8/) Volleyball (August/September)
  • JV (Grades 5/6) and Varsity (Grades 7/8) Basketball (Tryouts October, Season is Nov - Dec)
  • JV (Grades 5/6) and Varsity (Grades 7/8) Track and Field (Tryouts March)
  • Flag Football (Grades 6-8) (Tryouts December, Season is January - February)


  • JV (Grades 5/6) and Varsity (Grades 7/8) Basketball (January - February)
  • JV (Grades 5/6) and Varsity (Grades 7/8) Track and Field
  • Flag Football (Grades 6-8) (Tryouts March)


  • Soccer (Grades 6-8) (Tryouts August, Season is September/October)

Sportsman Prayer

Heavenly Father, You have blessed us with our minds, our spirits, and our bodies. Help us always to be good sports. Help us to understand that when we put on the team uniform, we're first and foremost ambassadors of the Catholic Faith. May we always remember that those with whom we play and compete with are our brothers and sisters in Christ.

May we always treat each other with dignity and respect. May our work and play always give you honor and glory. 

This we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

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  • The purpose of JV athletics is to give students an opportunity to foster the skills necessary to make our Varsity program. Students will be given approximate equal playing time to develop throughout the season.
  • The purpose of Varsity athletics is to provide an experience to athletes at a highly competitive level and prepare our students to play in high school. Students will receive playing time at the discretion of the coach. Playing time is not guaranteed.

August - Tryouts and games for:

JV Volleyball (Grades 5/6)

Varsity Volleyball (Grades 7/8)

Co-Ed Soccer (Grades 6-8)


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Title IX

Nativity Catholic School adheres to the tenets of Title IX: “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participating in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.”

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Code of Ethics

The coach is expected to conduct him/herself in a sportsman-like manner and lead his/her team not only by words, but also by example. The coach should at all times be a positive role model to his/her players. It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that athletics is a rewarding experience for each player by promoting an attitude of support and encouragement among all team members. This Code of Ethics applies to assistant coaches as well.

The athlete is expected to exhibit the highest degree of cooperation, enthusiasm, and sportsmanship at each athletic event. Each athlete is an ambassador of Nativity Catholic School and is expected to demonstrate moral behavior parallel to that which is expected of them during each school day. Each athlete should always exhibit honorable behavior toward his/her coach, the officials, his/her teammates, and the opposing players and coaches. A Nativity Catholic School athlete is expected to accept victory or defeat in a positive, dignified manner.

The parent is expected to support his/her child and the coach in a positive way in order to reinforce the moral values which are taught at Nativity Catholic School. Each parent should refrain from being critical of the coaches and/or officials, and each should understand that his/her child must learn to cope with the situation, no matter how adverse. Each parent should demonstrate to his/her child that success is built through hard work and dedication, not excuses. 

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Eligibility for Participation

Eligibility for participation in athletics/clubs/organizations requires the student to maintain at least a C average or above in all subjects, as well as a minimum of 2’s in special subject areas. Student must also maintain S’s in Conduct.

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Transportation Procedures for After School Sporting Events

It is the responsibility of the athlete and the parent(s) to arrange transportation for their child to and from practices and after school sporting events. You are encouraged to make arrangements with other families in advance if you are unable to drive to an event. Nativity Catholic School coaches will not be responsible for arranging carpools and are not allowed to transport athletes to and from games.

If you are releasing your child to another parent for transportation to an event, you are required to send a written request to your child’s homeroom teacher. In this request, please ask the teacher to release your child to the driver(s) who will be transporting him/her. This request may include more than one driver and may be good for the entire season of the sport. To further preserve the instructional time at the end of the day, students participating in sporting events will not ordinarily be excused early from class to attend games, unless approved by the school administration. Athletes and their siblings can leave during regular dismissal and meet at a designated location to leave on time for most sporting events.

Athletes leaving early for a sporting event without prior approval will not be allowed to participate in that event.