Have you joined our Booster Club yet? We need your support!

Just *some* of the beautiful new designs the Booster Club has to offer.

Our Booster Club is an organization that supports (e.g. coordinates events, raises money, etc.) for our school, teachers, sports teams, music dept., PE, and art department and so much more! 

In past years, the Booster Club has provided the school with the following: NCS Blue Folders/Magnets/Bags, Ice Cream Socials, Teacher Class Awards, Championship Team Shirts, Field Day, Patrol Party, Sports Awards Night, Sports Team Uniforms, Band and Theater Equipment, Playground/Field Equipment, Gym Equipment, Concession Stand Equipment, Gym Banner & Signs, Field Maintenance, Office Toner, School Camera, 7th Grade Bibles, Tennis Court Rentals, Spirit Shirts, Tuition Reimbursement Donation, Women's Guild Kitchen Donation, Electronic Sign Donation, Social Hall Cabinets Donation, Gym Climbing Wall, Trophy Case, Gym Refrigerator & Ice Maker, Field Paint Striping Machine, Classroom iPads, Classroom Tablet Covers, $10,000 Gym Building Donation, Class Set of Desks/Chairs for Music, Front Office Remodel, and Cougarthon for Sunshades.


JOIN our Booster Club today! Full details here: https://www.nativitycatholicschool.org/giving/booster-club/membership

For any questions regarding Booster Club or Fleece Jacket or Hooded Sweatshirt orders, please contact Booster Club

Fleece Jacket (Booster)


Fleece Jackets may be worn by all students in the classrooms. Delivered in 7-10 days. Choose your color and size below (quantity can be updated in your cart):


Hooded Sweatshirt (Booster)


Hooded sweatshirts may be worn by 6th,7th, 8th graders in classrooms only. Delivery in 7-10 days. Choose your color and size below (quantity can be updated in your cart):