Novemberfest is our school’s LARGEST fundraiser and brings in approximately $200K of revenue for the school, faith formation, and parish ministries.

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WHAT is Novemberfest?

It is a HUGE carnival that our parish and school hosts for the community each November! There are rides, entertainment, terrific food, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! It is a lot of work but even more fun!!

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WHEN is Novemberfest?

The event will be held from Wednesday, November 15 - 19 2017. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are Noon Dismissal Days for our students. Wednesday is our school Family Novemberfest Day. Students will be allowed to wear Novemberfest t-shirts to school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to celebrate Novemberfest. Much more information will follow!

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WHO is Novemberfest for?

Everyone! All ages enjoy Novemberfest!

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WHERE is Novemberfest?

The event takes place mainly on the large field on the Bryan Rd. side of our school but rides and events stretch along the SR60 side of our parish grounds and activities are in the gym and surrounding areas.

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WHY Novemberfest?

The event is our school’s LARGEST fundraiser and brings in about $200K of revenue for the school, faith formation, and parish ministries. The largest percentage goes to fund our parish school to offset tuition and other expenses.

It takes about 9,000 volunteer hours to plan, execute, and manage Novemberfest. Each school family, per your enrollment contract, is obligated to work 10 hours. There are TONS of opportunities to get involved in the months ahead, during the event weekend, and after. The iVolunteer website is the location to sign up for all Novemberfest service hours and all hours are to be turned in on the provided Service Hour Documentation Form [PDF].

Novemberfest is an amazing weekend of fellowship, teamwork, celebration,  and dedication! We look forward to sharing this opportunity with you. If you have any questions, please contact the school office at 689-3395 or the church office at 681-4608.

Advance Ride & Food Sales Prizes. All Rewards and Prizes are based on Cumulative Sales Totals.

Sellers who turn in sales on special counting days will have the opportunity to win fantastic personal prizes and school wide spirit day fun.

This form should accompany you whenever you are serving your required hours. Form MUST be returned to Mrs. Kathy Ramirez ONLY in the school office by December 8, 2017.

iVolunteer Site

Sign up for Novemberfest Hours. Volunteers interested in First Aid should contact Cherisse Platt (863) 712-5203 or

Novemberfest Facebook Page

Follow and Like us and find information.

Novemberfest Site

Stay up to date on all Novemberfest events and info!