The Crayon Initiative at NCS

The Crayon Initiative.jpg

The Crayon Initiative organizes crayon collections of unwanted crayons, remanufactures them into new crayons. They then donate them back to schools, hospitals, art programs and other organization invested in children. 

The wax from the crayons is not biodegradable and will never break down, leaving a waxy sludge in landfills. The Crayon Initiative supports environmental efforts by diverting crayons from the landfill. Annually, over 500,000 pounds of broken crayons are discarded in landfills throughout the county. By collecting unwanted  crayons from restaurants, schools, as well as other locations, then recycling them into new ones, the Crayon Initiative is doing its part to prevent crayons from being deposited in the landfills. 

This will be our 4th year of collecting unwanted crayons. We ask that you send in your unwanted crayons with your student/s which will be placed into the classroom collection boxes.
*All types of crayons are accepted, and you do not need to remove the paper wrappers. 

In May, the boxes will be picked up and the crayons will then be shipped to The Crayon Initiative. 

*Student in grades PreK - 5th can bring to their classrooms. Students in 6th - 8th may drop off in the Art Room. 

For more information on The Crayon Initiative, visit their website here: