Dismissal Procedures

Last year, we updated our dismissal procedures to utilize our Vo'Sri software for the safety and security of our students. We will continue to use Vo'Sri software for the dismissal of our students. This system allows us to scan your phone during car line and contact the classroom(s) to send your child(ren) out to your vehicle. 

On the map above, please note our 3 car lines: 

  • Car Line 1, in green, enters from S. Oakwood Ave and returns to S. Oakwood Ave (RIGHT TURN ONLY permitted)
  • Car Line 2strictly for use by parents with at least one student in PREK or KINDERGARTEN. If you do not have a child in PreK or Kindergarten, please utilize Car Line 1 or Car Line 3. This car line in yellow enters from Bryan Rd and returns to Bryan Rd (RIGHT TURN ONLY permitted) 
  • Car Line 3, in blue, enters from Hwy 60 and exits to S. Oakwood Ave. (RIGHT TURN ONLY permitted)