Easter Basket of Plenty

The PB&J Ministry and Pastoral Care, in conjunction with Catholic Charities, are asking for donations as we gather items for Easter baskets for migrant children at the San Jose Mission and San Juan Diego Mission and goodie bags for the homeless in our area.

We are asking for donations of:

  • non-melting candy 
  • baby wipes
  • puddings
  • baby soap
  • sunscreen
  • fruit cups
  • hand sanitizer                            
  • mosquito repellent                      
  • breakfast bars
  • small deodorant                     
  • chapsticks                                     
  • crackers
  • hotel-sized toiletries               
  • rain ponchos                                
  • bubbles
  • small toothpaste        
  • socks (men, women, and children)       
  • crayons
  • toothbrushes                 
  • small pop-top canned meats       
  • Easter Baskets and grass

Collections will begin for the school March 8-12.

We will have grocery baskets in the morning carline for students to drop off items.