Fall 2020 MAP Scores & COVID-19 Impact


It was predicted by educational leaders and researchers that students would begin this school year with a 30% loss in reading and a 50% loss in math (https://www.nwea.org/content/uploads/2020/05/Collaborative- Brief_Covid19- Slide-APR20.pdf) due to the interruption in learning that occurred in the Spring during the response to the pandemic. As a result, we were prepared to assess students early using our tools within the NWEA MAP Growth Assessment Suite and see just where our students were when they began the school year.

We have so much to be proud of here at Nativity. Our Fall 2020 NWEA MAP data reflects that our students, in partnership with their families, were resilient during this time. NCS students have maintained their God-given potential and continued to learn because it is their vocation. Teaching and learning may have looked different but as a school, we are grateful for the support of our community to promote the success of all students.

Collectively, every grade level at Nativity exceeded the National Norm RIT value (score) on the reading, math, and language usage assessments this Fall. Nativity has prioritized and protected time in the schedule schoolwide for daily intervention and enrichment. During this time, students will interact with their personalized learning paths through adaptive technology to help support meeting and exceeding their academic growth targets on the Winter and Spring NWEA MAP Growth Assessments. We are excited about the promise this school year brings.