Mid Summer Check-In

Dear NCS Families,

We hope this letter finds you safe and enjoying the summer with your families. At this time, we are planning to return to school beginning August 10, 2020, unless we are otherwise directed by Bishop Parkes and other local and state officials not to. We recognize that the data for the state of Florida is currently on the rise and it has the potential to shape the learning experience for students. NCS is prepared to respond and provide the scenarios below:

1. In-Person Learning: In this scenario, ~90-95% of students and staff will be in school, learning in person under social distancing guidelines. Vulnerable students and families will now have the
opportunity to select to participate in Flexible Learning and have synchronous remote instructional
opportunities with their teachers and classmates.
2. Hybrid Learning: In this scenario, ~30-50% of students will alternate between being in school learning in-person with those at home engaged in remote learning.
3. Remote Learning: In this scenario, 100% of students and staff will be at home, participating in
structured and scheduled remote learning lessons facilitated synchronously and asynchronously by
the teachers.

We know families will be closely examining the value proposition of their tuition dollar. It is key to remember that Catholic education is a transformational experience and not a transactional arrangement. As a Catholic school, we are charged with providing an education that is academically excellent and deeply rooted in Catholic identity. We have reflected on the Remote Learning experience that defined the end of last school year and are taking great strides to ensure that the education that is delivered (no matter the mode of delivery) next school year meets this standard.

Please review the list of action items that we accomplished to date. Our NCS Reentry Task Force is committed to working tirelessly as we plan for the start of the school year in 5 weeks. We will provide our next update in two weeks on July 17, 2020. It is our belief that this date will provide us an adequate amount of time to monitor and assess the current situation in our area and provide the most relevant, reliable and structured reentry plan for our families. Planning for reentry is complex and requires the strategic planning around various instructional, operational and community implications. Be sure to monitor your email for our July survey seeking the current comfort level of families for reentry in the Fall.

We appreciate your continued support during this time and value your partnership in educating your child.

Yours in Christ,

Mrs. Ringley, Principal
Mr. Amrhein, Assistant Principal – Student Affairs
Mrs. Seebaran, Assistant Principal – Academic Affairs