Morning Car Lines


Per our Family Handbook

  • Safety in the parking lot is always a priority. Please always obey ALL the following directions.
  • DO NOT PARK IN THE SCHOOL’S FIRE LANE. This area is clearly marked in red and is adjacent to the school buildings.
  •  Between the hours of 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., park your vehicle in a designated parking spot and turn off the engine before exiting your vehicle.
  •  Never leave any unattended children in your parked vehicle.
  • Designated family parking is in the first section of the parking lot on the EAST SIDE of the main lot, and for those families with PreK and Kindergarten age children, the first two sections closest to the POD will be open for parking. The last section of the parking lot closest to the fence will be left open for teacher parking.
  •  For the safety of everyone, please DO NOT HOLD PHONE CONVERSATIONS WHILE DRIVING THROUGH THE CAR LINE; this includes hands-free devices.
  • Use the sidewalks or marked crosswalks when approaching the school buildings from the parking lot on foot.
  •  For the car line to proceed efficiently, you must have your Vo’Sri QR Code ready to be scanned for dismissal. A printed copy of the QR Code displayed on the windshield or driver’s side window is also highly recommended.
  •  During morning drop-off and afternoon dismissal, RIGHT TURNS ONLY out of our parking lot permitted.

Best Practices

  • Pull all the way up/as closely as possible to the car in front of you.
  • Stop before gate/crosswalk to unload. Unload when cars are stopped (within the gated drop-off area). 
  • Students should be ready to exit vehicles when cars stop
  • Students should exit on RIGHT side of the vehicle and proceed to the nearest crosswalk
  • Park in designated areas only
  • Use the “zipper” method when lines merge (every other vehicle)
  • Wait for traffic to be stopped at the crosswalk before attempting to cross
  • Use carline lanes to re-enter line/exit after parking (do not drive through parking spaces)
  • Walk in FRONT of parked vehicles (not behind them!) when possible
  • Walk BEHIND those stopping/directing traffic
  • Use caution when backing – check for children and yield to moving vehicles


Thou shall not…

  • Wait in line until you see your child walk through the gate (keep traffic flow going)
  • Enter South car line from S. Oakwood Drive - the entrance is located off Bryan Road.
  • Use car line if your child needs additional help/time getting out of the car
  • Cross the car lines or walk students between cars (please utilize crosswalks)Drive up the crosswalk 
  • Maneuver around cones
  • Park inside the gates
  • Switch lines while car line is in progress
  • Park and walk students across the driveway in front of gym (through lane only)



  • All car lines are ONE WAY only
  • Choose a routine car line for dismissal. This helps eliminate confusion. Inform students of any changes whenever possible