Revised Process for School Closures

Developed by the Hurricane Preparation Committee - Effective Immediately
The Superintendent of Catholic Schools monitors weather and county emergency management offices to determine if any schools or early childhood centers need to close for safety reasons. This is evaluated on a case by case and county by county basis in consultation with pastors and principals as needed. However, it is critical that evacuation orders are followed. If a school is in a mandatory evacuation zone, the school will close.  In all cases, the superintendent will make recommendations about closures to the Bishop who will make the final decision. If the decision is made to close a school (or many schools) the superintendent notifies the principals and the Executive Director of Communications. The principals will notify parents using their parent notification system and social media channels. Parents always retain the right to keep their children at home due to individual circumstances related to the weather; they may submit a note in writing to the school after the emergency passes to excuse any absences.
The Nativity Catholic School Family Handbook has been updated to reflect this change.