Science Fair Winners

Seventh grade did an amazing job with their science fair experiments…the judges scores were very close but we have 3 winners and 3 honorable mention. Drum roll…..

  • Our 3rd honorable mention goes to Maddie Alverio with “Gluten on the Rise”
  • The 2nd honorable mention goes to Grace Bromley with “Harvest ants: the HVAC Engineers”
  • The 1st Honorable mention goes to Luke Richardson with “Loyal Soil”


  • 3rd place in Nativity’s Science fair goes to Peter Ebsworth with “Can You Hear Me Now?”
  • 2nd place in Nativity’s Science fair goes to Andres Romero with “Click, Click, Click”


And finally our 1st place winner in Nativity’s 2017 Science fair goes to:

Jacob Delikat with Terrain Wars I


Congratulations to the winners and all of 7th grade for their fabulous experiments.