Summer Work Expectations

This school year, we focused on accelerating student learning to address any learning loss that occurred as a result of transitioning to remote learning in last Spring and the unique school year we had this year. Students at NCS worked on skills and concepts in their grade-level content and teachers strategically inserted and taught skills and concepts from the previous grade-level that may be needed to access the current grade-level content. 

To support our teachers and students more with filling in knowledge gaps and accelerating learning, we utilized two instructional programs, MAP Accelerator and Edmentum Exact Path.  Our teachers and students have used these all school year and will have access over the summer through their Clever portal.

MAP Accelerator (3rd-8th) and Edmentum Exact Path (K-8th) import NWEA Reading, Math and Language Usage MAP Growth scores to create personalized learning pathways for students.  The learning paths are complete with high-quality standards-aligned exercises, instructional videos, and practice problems. Teachers can differentiate with ease, and students get support tailored to their needs, whether they’re on, above, or below grade level. These programs meet students exactly where they are to close discrete skill gaps and propel learning forward so that students below, on, and above grade level receive just what they need.

This summer, it is our recommendation that returning students continue to complete 30 minutes a week in each program to make progress on their individual learning paths and build their skills for next school year.  Students will access these programs through the online Clever portals like they did during the school year.  We will continue to communicate tips and information throughout the summer.  Enjoy your summer break!

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