Sunshine State Young Readers Program


Dear Nativity Catholic School Families,

Congratulations to you and your child(ren) on another year of school completed! 

As we move into the summer break, everyone looks forward to the opportunity to relax, refresh and grow in all different ways. Next school year, we will be participating in the Sunshine State Young Readers Program (SSYRA) as we continue to prepare and inspire our students academically.  

The purpose of the SSYRA Program is to encourage students to read independently for pleasure and to read books that are on, above, and below their reading level in order to improve their reading fluency.  We are including the list of books for your reference so that students can begin reading them over the summer. We will have a classroom copy of each book available next school year for students to check out within their classrooms, but we highly recommend picking some books off the list to read over the summer. The titles are available at local public libraries as well as online or in book stores.  

I will also be reading the books all summer so that I can engage in book chats with the students throughout the school year. There really are great selections on the list that you might enjoy as well and can read along with your child to share their joy of discovering that new favorite book. 

In the Spring of the 2018-2019 school year, we will be hosting a Battle of the Books where students in Kindergarten through 8th Grade that have read the titles on the list will be able to engage in friendly competition around their love of reading.

I urge you to encourage your child to set a goal to read all the titles on their grade level list and maybe even stretch to challenge themselves on the list for the next level.  Happy Reading!

For more information about the program and the lists of books by grade level, visit:


In appreciation for who you are and what you do,

Jennifer Seebaran
Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs