Our Extended Day Program provides a safe and pleasant facility for the continued care of students before and after the regular school day. The program maintains the high standards of care set by Nativity Catholic
School. Students have the opportunity for socializing, playing, completing homework, doing arts and crafts, and enjoying sports and activities based on age level and interests.

Operating hours are from 6:00 a.m. until 7:30 a.m. (before school), and 3:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. (after school), on most school days. Extended Day is open on most abbreviated school days. Students may come directly to Extended Day at dismissal or arrive after extracurricular activities. Extended Day closings are posted on the school calendar.

  • Students arriving before 7:30 a.m. must be accompanied by a parent and are to report to the Extended Day Program and will be assessed for this service.
  • Students not picked up promptly from school or after school activities will be escorted to Extended Day and will be assessed for this service.

Billing for Extended Day Program

All families planning to use the Extended Day program must complete a registration form and will be billed weekly through the ProCare system (Tuition Express). 

A credit card/account authorization form must be completed each year, and all families must keep payment information and expiration dates current.

For families not signed up with ProCare/Tuition Express, billing will process at the higher drop-in rate - a minimum of $20.00/child/peruse of the program.
* Emergency situations will be evaluated on an individual basis. You must contact the extended day office to explain the emergency.

Should an Extended Day account become past due, the account may be placed on hold and the child(ren) may not be allowed to return to school and/or may not be allowed to retain their class seat or participate in certain class activities, i.e. graduation, final exams, etc.
* All late payments may be subject to a $50.00 Late Payment Fee

Access to Nativity Catholic School’s Extended Day Program may be denied to a family unless previous payment arrangements have been made with and agreed to by the Finance Office, and the family remains
current with said agreed-upon arrangement.

Important information for using Extended Day Program (EDP)

  • The hourly rate is $5.00 per hour.
  • The weekly maximum is $70/child and the program will bill for all time used, rounded to the closest minute.
  • Operating hours are 6:00 A.M. until 6:00 P.M.
  • All students who participate in extracurricular activities must be picked up promptly. Students remaining on campus more than 15 minutes after dismissal from an activity will be sent to the “Extended Day” classroom. The hourly fees above will be assessed.
  • Students picked up after 6:00 p.m. will be charged a late pick up fee of $1/minute regardless of whether the maximums have been met.

Invoices and Late Payments

  • Time cards and automatic payments are processed on Tuesday for the previous week.  Invoices for non registered use are also generated at that time and payment is due upon receipt.  Payments are considered late on the following Monday.
  • All late payments may be subject to a $50.00 Late Payment Fee.
  • Any account that is past due by more than 15 days may be subject to having your child’s Extended Day privileges suspended, and their class seat may be in jeopardy.


To contact our Extended Day program, please call: 

(813) 393-6549

To participate in our Extended Day program, complete this Extended Day Program Credit/Debit Form and either:

  • Print the form and return to the school office or directly to Extended Day
  • Save the completed form to your computer and email to Susan Fogarty, Finance Clerk