Parents/guardians must notify the school office of a child’s absence at (813) 689-3395 prior to 8:00 a.m. As a safety procedure, if a child is absent and the parents have not called, the school will attempt to contact the parents. When a student is absent, the school must receive communication from parents/guardians explaining the reason for the absence, either voice message or electronic. The communication must include:

  1. the child’s full name,
  2. dates of absence, and
  3. the nature of illness or reason for absence.

Six (6) absences in a trimester are considered excessive. A notification will be sent home on the sixth absence. A conference with the school counselor and homeroom teacher will be mandatory. On the seventh absence, consequences may be given. If your child is going to be out for any length of time due to a family commitment, please send a note to the school office at least a week in advance.

Parents must call the School Office by 8:00 a.m. if their student will be absent for the day or will be coming in late to school due to a doctor’s appointment, etc. This requirement is for all students in PreK3 through grade eight. If you do not call us, we are required to call you as we must report daily attendance to the Diocese of St. Petersburg. Please call us and save our staff that valuable time.


Stay up to date with the latest information and dates. Click the + sign on any event and add it directly to your personal calendar. No more forgotten events! 

NCS School Calendar

Family Handbook

We have prepared this handbook to give you important information that will help you to have a successful school year.

Nativity Catholic School encourages parents and students to consult the Family Handbook for guidance regarding school rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and expectations. Parents and students should keep in mind, however, that the school is a vital, constantly changing entity, evolving as circumstances require. 

Accordingly, the school may modify its procedures and expectations from time to time. Changes to specific school policies, rules, and expectations need not be in writing or incorporated into this handbook to be effective.


2017-2018 Family Handbook [PDF]

Inclement Weather/School Closure Decisions

Nativity Catholic School follows the decisions of Hillsborough County Public schools regarding school closures due to inclement weather, with one exception:

  • If Hillsborough County Public Schools are closed for the entire day then Nativity Catholic School is also closed.
  • If Hillsborough County Public Schools are open for the entire day then Nativity Catholic School is also open.
  • If Hillsborough County Public Schools declares a late start or early dismissal due to Tropical Storm/Hurricane, then Nativity Catholic School is closed all day.
  • If Hillsborough County Public Schools declares an early dismissal due to Tropical Storm/Hurricane, then Nativity Catholic School families will be notified.
NCS School Advisory Board

The purpose of the NCS School Advisory Board is to assist the Pastor and Principal in an advisory capacity by recommending school policies in compliance with Canon Law of the Church and the policies and directives of the Diocese of St. Petersburg. The School Advisory Board is not responsible for the administration of the school but recommends policies to the Principal and Pastor for their consideration.

The NCS Advisory Board is consultative in that it formulates, initiates, and administers certain projects essential to success. The Board functions include but are not limited to: Planning, Advising on Policy Development and Formation, Financing (including budgeting and policies for financial management), Public Relations/Marketing, participating on a Principal selection process when applicable, Development, Facilities and Capital Improvements, and to recommend nomination of new advisors.

Advisory Board Annual Report [PDF]

Parking Lot Safety

Safety in the parking lot is always a priority. Please obey ALL of the following directions at all times. 

  • DO NOT PARK IN THE SCHOOL’S FIRE LANE. This area is clearly marked in red and is adjacent to the school buildings.
  • Between the hours of 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., park your vehicle in a designated parking spot and turn off the ignition before getting out of your car. Never leave any unattended children in your parked vehicle.
  • Designated parking will be in the first section ONLY of the parking lot on the EAST SIDE (Church side) of the main lot. The middle section will be left open for safety and the area outside of the gymnasium is for staff and faculty arriving before 7:30 AM.
  • Use the sidewalks or marked crosswalks when approaching the school buildings from the parking lot on foot.
  • The 5th grade students serve in the roles of safety patrols each year. Please allow them to perform their service by opening your vehicle’s door and helping your child in or out of your vehicle.
  • NO LEFT TURNS!! RIGHT TURNS ONLY ARE PERMITTED OUT OF OUR LOTS!  Left hand turns slow down everyone behind you - please be considerate and keep our traffic pattern flowing -- this goes for morning drop off as well. We can't thank you enough for your help and consideration!
  • In order for carline to proceed efficiently, display your family’s nameplate clearly in the windshield of your vehicle. 
    Car Ride Sign Example

Print your sign here: Car Rider Sign [PDF]

Phone Apps

Android apps:

  • ParentPlus
  • Parent Booker
  • SignUpGenius:
    1. Open m.SignUpGenius.com in your phone's browser
    2. Tap the menu button and select "Add Bookmark"
    3. Hold on the new bookmark and select "Add Shortcut"
    4. You can now launch the web app from the home screen


iOS apps:

  • Parent Booker
  • SignUpGenius: 
    1. Open Safari on your iPhone
    2. Type in "m.SignUpGenius.com" in Safari's address bar to open the mobile site
    3. Tap on the bottom center button install sign up genius mobile on your iphone and click "Add to Home Screen"
    4. Now you can launch the web app from your home screen
PlusPortals (Rediker) Usage

Rediker offers the PlusPortals website and the ParentPlus phone app where a parent or guardian can keep up to date with their child/ren's progress at any given time. Parents/guardians are encouraged to check the site or app daily for progress updates, incidents, homework assignments, test scores and teacher's notes. 

ParentPlus and StudentPlus apps available on App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android phones.

Click the link below for detailed information on navigating and using PlusPortals.  


School Advisory Committee
School Supply List 2017-2018

Anti-bullying resources (Some videos may address bullying of LGBTQ youth, etc.):