Uniforms are worn at Nativity Catholic School as a symbol of unity and school pride. The uniform policy creates equity among students, a valuable reminder that all students are equally precious in the eyes of God. The wearing of uniforms is to be a cooperative effort among parents, students, and staff. The school has the responsibility of maintaining a conducive educational environment.

Uniforms are required and are not subject to modification. Uniforms should be clean and pressed with all buttons attached and hems intact. Students and parents share the responsibility for proper dress and
grooming. If a student is not in a regulation uniform, parents will be called to provide a proper uniform, pick up the student, or the student may be required to change into a uniform provided by the school. In grades PreK - 2, when a child is not in compliance with the uniform policy, the child’s parent or guardian may be contacted to bring the appropriate uniform item(s). In grades 3-8, referrals may be written for breaking the uniform policy.

Risse Brothers is the only official uniform supplier for Nativity Catholic School. They offer a wide selection of styles, colors, and sizes to accommodate all ages. If you can't find what you are looking for or need any assistance, please call them at (813) 282-8338.

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