We welcome and cherish Parent Volunteers at NCS!

We couldn't do many of the marvelous activities that we do without our wonderful volunteers.

Before volunteering at NCS, all volunteers and persons who are entrusted with the care, responsibility, or supervision of children, youth, and, or vulnerable adults or who may have unsupervised access to these vulnerable populations are required to comply with diocesan fingerprint policy for background screening policy and to attend the appropriate safe environment training program - no exceptions.

If you wish to volunteer in any capacity at the school, please fill out the Covered Volunteer Application Form [PDF], complete Safe Environment Program training and Fingerprinting and return documents to Therese Alonso, Director of School Affairs. 
Please note: Effective the 2017-2018 school year, the Covered Volunteer Application Form must be completed every year you wish to volunteer at NCS per Diocesan mandate. 

Volunteer opportunities are available and tracked throughout the school year via ParentBooker.
*ParentBooker app available on App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android. 

More information about our Safe Environment Program training is available here.

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Safe Environment Program Online Training Instructions

The Diocese of St. Petersburg Safe Environment Program Office has partnered with Catholic Mutual Group to provide Safe Environment Program training for adults who wish to have unsupervised access to children, youth and vulnerable adults. This training is now completely online and can be used by everyone for first time training or for re-certification training. 

Live face-to-face training has been discontinued.

At the completion of the course, which should take approximately one (1) hour to complete - you will be certified for both Access to Children and Access to Vulnerable Adults. 

  1. Go to http://stpetersburg.CMGconnect.org to complete your new online safe environment curriculum. 
  2. Create a new account by completing all the boxes. This includes address, primary parish, and how you participate at your parish or school. If you have questions, please contact Therese Alonso
  3. Start the Safe Haven - It's Up to You curriculum. 
  4. Download and print your certificate upon completion or, email it directly from the site to dosa@nativitycatholicschool.org. 
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Fingerprinting Instructions

All applicants pay for this process at registration using a credit card. 
Volunteers $51.00

Click this link: https://dospsep.org. On the left side of the screen, click the Click here to proceed! link.

Diocese of St. Petersburg Page with Click Here to Proceed circled

This will bring you to the Florida Applicant Experience - Instructions page. Read the page and click the check box at bottom.

  1. The next page (Location Selection) lists current locations available.
    1. Choose the LOCATION you wish to use.
    2. On the CALENDAR, choose a date - that opens the available TIMES column.
    3. Choose the TIME you wish to go to the appointment and then at the bottom left, click CLICK to continue.
  2. The Florida Applicant Type Selection page shows the DATE/TIME/LOCATION of your appointment. Choose your APPLICANT TYPE and LOCATION (where you work/volunteer)
  3. Check the 'By clicking checkbox you reviewed...' box 
  4. On the Required Fields to Complete Registration page, complete your personal information.
    1. EMPLOYER NAME is the LOCATION (if you are a volunteer use PARISH/SCHOOL you are being printed for) 
    2. OCCUPATION – if you are an employee, list your job title,
    3. Use VOLUNTEER if you are a VOLUNTEER
  5. Continue to WAIVER – fill out all information
  6. Continue to PAYMENT method

Once your Payment has processed, you are ready for your appointment. If you cannot make the time/date you have chosen, you may go to any other listed location – please call to be sure of availability at the location. 

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