Each middle school student at Nativity Catholic School is required to complete five (5) hours of Faith in Action each trimester for a total of fifteen (15) hours per school year. Not only is this a reflection of our faith and Catholic Social Teaching, but it meets the Second Generation of the Sunshine State Standards of 6th grade SS.6.C.2.1, 7TH grade SS.7.C.2.14, and 8TH grade SS.C.1.2.

Requirements: Students must submit a completed Faith in Action Proposal Form each trimester.

  • All Faith in Action hours are to be completed outside of the school day.
  • Faith in Action hours may be completed during the summer before, but must be approved on the Community Service Proposal Form.
  • All Faith in Action hour documentation must be turned in by the last day of the trimester.
  • A parent, guardian or other family member may not sign for completion of Faith in Action hours.
  • Students should keep a copy of all forms submitted to the school.

Some Faith in Action hours that are not acceptable:

  • family related activities
  • hours that result in financial or other material benefit
  • activities in which there is not a leader designated as responsible
  • donations (ex. cleaning out closets and donating clothes)
  • fostering of animals

It is the Student’s responsibility to complete a Faith in Action Proposal Form and to maintain a record of all Faith in Action hours completed.

Download Faith in Action Forms HERE