Current as of June 8, 2021

  • Campus Beautification - Mrs. Stoughton (as projects come up only)
  • PB & J Ministry - see below

We will continue to add to this list as opportunities present themselves.

 PB&J Ministry for Service Hours:

Please be assured that the sandwiches that are being made are very much appreciated and help to provide over 5500 sandwiches per month.

In order to receive the service hour(s) credit:

  • Sandwiches are to be made wearing gloves.
  • Place each sandwich in a Ziploc sandwich bag.
  • All sandwiches placed in the original bread bag and tied with a twist tie.
  • Store sandwiches in the freezer.
  • 2 loaves of sandwiches = 1 service hour
  • 100 handwritten labels = 1 service hour (inspirational message to place on the sandwich bag, ex. Bible verse, “God loves you.” etc.

During the school year, students are ONLY to drop off sandwiches with Mrs. Hohman at the school gate on Friday only of the week sandwiches are being made. The schedule for collection is also available on the PB&J Facebook page.

During the Summer, drop sandwiches off on Friday morning with Mrs. Leahy directly in the Social Hall by 9:00am. Items should not be dropped off in the office on other days or left unattended in the office.