Thank you for re-enrolling for next year! 

As a bonus offer to you, from 10am, February 16th until NOON on February 23rd, we offer only those families who re-enrolled for next year *** a special introductory price of:  $50/week per camper and free after camp from 12pm-6pm. After NOON on February 23rd, camp opens to the parish, and the price for camp increases to $75/week per camper and $25/week per camper for after-camp.   


***Nativity reserves the right to cancel registration and refund any money paid for the special introductory pricing to any family not re-enrolled at Nativity Catholic School for the 2018-19 school year.  We will however, allow all families to register at the regular rate after NOON on February 23rd.*** 


Go to:

  1. Enter Eventbrite website password if prompted: NCSummer
  2. Click TICKETS.
  3. For early registration, enter click Promotional Code and enter: EARLYREG18 to receive the $50/week camp rate until NOON on February 23rd.
  4. Next, select CAMP REGISTRATION FEE of $50/child for the summer. You must select this ticket item once per child that you are registering, or your registration and seats for camp will not be secured. This fee covers the registration process, camper t-shirt, activities, supplies, and morning snack.
  5. Select 1 ticket per week per camper. Select the correct class age group each week. For example, if you have a current PK3 or 4 student, select the weeks that have (PK3 & 4) after the dates. If you have an incoming PK4 or K sibling select the weeks with (PK3 & 4) after the dates.
  6. When you have selected all your weeks, and have entered your promotional code, click CHECKOUT.
  7. Proceed to enter all required field information in the Camp Registration Fee information section for each child registered.  
  8. You can then easily copy your camper's information from their Registration ticket to each of the camp weeks you're signing them up for. Please be careful when registering multiple children for the same week. Make sure to select the correct Ticket # of the registration information.
  9. Complete the OTHER INFORMATION SECTION under each camp week.

  10. When all fields are complete, click PAY NOW.