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STREAM is the integration of science, technology, religion, engineering, the arts, and math education.
By the end of 2023, all classrooms at Nativity Catholic School will meet or exceed the indicators required to apply to become a STREAM-certified school through the Florida Catholic Conference.

What makes a school a STREAM school?

  • The school’s mission and Catholic identity are fully integrated into every aspect of the school.
  • All classrooms are centers of fully engaged, 21st-century learners where the authentic use of technology by teachers and students is an integral part of teaching and learning.
  • A guaranteed and viable curriculum is present.
  • Interdisciplinary, project-based, inquiry-based learning is evident throughout the school.
  • Students have an understanding of religious, scientific, artistic, technological, mathematical and engineering concepts and processes for personal decision-making and participation in civic and cultural affairs.
  • Professional development for all staff members is a priority.
  • The professional learning communities within the school and with other professional educators highlight STREAM topics, improvement of instruction and learning, use of data to make instructional decisions, innovative integration of technology, and methods to continue to improve the Catholic culture of the school.