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  Name Title
Therese Alonso Alonso, Therese Director of School Affairs
William Amrhein Amrhein, William AP of Student Affairs
Joseph Barone Barone, Joseph 5th/6th Grade ELA Teacher
Eileen Boyd Boyd, Eileen Extended Day Assistant
Debbie Brauneker Brauneker, Debbie PE Assistant
Patricia Carpenter Carpenter, Patricia Extended Day Assistant
Megan Coletta Coletta, Megan Instructional Assistant
Andrea Cseh Cseh, Andrea Director of Counseling Services
Kathy Damico Damico, Kathy Financial Administrative Assistant
Migdalia Delpin Delpin, Migdalia Extended Day Assistant/World Language Teacher
Rachel DeMarsico DeMarsico, Rachel Extended Day Assistant
Raffaella DeMarsico DeMarsico, Raffaella Instructional Assistant
Gayla Dial Dial, Gayla Instructional Assistant & Substitute Teacher
Farah Dixon Dixon, Farah Technology Support and Communications
Karla Dunnigan Dunnigan, Karla 7th/8th Grade Science Teacher
Allyson Espinal Espinal, Allyson STREAM Facilitator
Juston Feist Feist, Juston Athletic Director/PE Teacher
Susan Fogarty Fogarty, Susan Finance Office Clerk
Amy Fuller Fuller, Amy 5th/6th Social Studies Teacher
Selita Garcia Garcia, Selita Extended Day Assistant
Eneida Garcia-Hernandez Garcia-Hernandez, Eneida Instructional Assistant
Cherlyn Gilmore Gilmore, Cherlyn 4th Grade Humanities Teacher
Ivelisse Gonzalez Gonzalez, Ivelisse Instructional Assistant
Melissa Goode Goode, Melissa Director of Facilities
Kathleen Greenberg Greenberg, Kathleen 2nd Grade Humanities Teacher
Mary Haslam Haslam, Mary KA Teacher
Edith Hicks Hicks, Edith PreK3A Teacher
Sophie Hicks Hicks, Sophie 1A Teacher
Vickie Hingle Hingle, Vickie Instructional Assistant
Jo-Hanna Hohman Hohman, Jo-Hanna Director of Admissions
Tammy Hohman Hohman, Tammy Health Room Attendant
Shauna Jedinak Jedinak, Shauna PreK4B Teacher
Kathleen Kambach Kambach, Kathleen 7th/8th Grade Math Teacher
Kelly Kirst Kirst, Kelly Music & Perfoming Arts Teacher
Rose Kraus Kraus, Rose Instructional Assistant
Lorraine Kurtz Kurtz, Lorraine Instructional Assistant
Kelly Lowry Lowry, Kelly Media Coordinator
Taryn Magadan-Larwa Magadan-Larwa, Taryn Extended Day Staff Leader
Dennis Maningas Maningas, Dennis 1B Teacher
Bonnie Massaro Massaro, Bonnie Enrichment Teacher & FLVS Support
Charlie McCarthy McCarthy, Charlie Director of Finance and Operations
Joyce McFaul McFaul, Joyce 2nd Grade STEM Teacher
Joann Moncada Moncada, Joann KB Teacher
Michele Montanez Montanez, Michele Resource Teacher
Nilsa Montero Montero, Nilsa 3rd Grade Humanities Teacher
Bridget Nuñez Nuñez, Bridget Substitute Teacher
Ann O'Connor O'Connor, Ann 4th Grade STEM Teacher
Kim Ortmeier Ortmeier, Kim 5th/6th Grade Math Teacher
Susannah O’Connell O’Connell, Susannah 5th/6th Grade Science Teacher
Lisette Padrino De Zapata Padrino De Zapata, Lisette Instructional Assistant
Cassandra Perez Perez, Cassandra 3rd Grade STEM Teacher
Ninoska Quesada Quesada, Ninoska Instructional Assistant
Doreen Radder Radder, Doreen Instructional Assistant
Katharine Ramirez Ramirez, Katharine Office Manager
Hazel Redondo Redondo, Hazel Extended Day Assistant
Kate Richardson Richardson, Kate Reading Intervention Teacher
Barbara Rickmers Rickmers, Barbara Extended Day Assistant
Maureen Ringley Ringley, Maureen Principal
Dina Rodriguez Rodriguez, Dina Spanish Teacher
Nahla Saad Saad, Nahla Instructional Assistant
Magdy Samaan Samaan, Magdy Extended Day Assistant
Elvia Santiago Santiago, Elvia Extended Day Assistant
Skylar Savoy-Alonso Savoy-Alonso, Skylar Instructional Assistant
Jennifer Seebaran Seebaran, Jennifer AP of Academic Affairs
Mari Smith Smith, Mari Instructional Assistant
Julie Sprinkle Sprinkle, Julie Student Support Specialist
Sara Stoughton Stoughton, Sara Art Teacher
Katherine Swosinski Swosinski, Katherine KC Teacher
Antoinette Tarsi Tarsi, Antoinette 7th/8th Grade ELA Teacher
Mitzie Tionko Tionko, Mitzie Technology Support & Graphic Design
Lady Toro Toro, Lady PreK3B Teacher
Candice Tripi Scott Tripi Scott, Candice PreK4A Teacher
Rebecca Turley Turley, Rebecca Director of Technology
Carmen Vazquez Vazquez, Carmen Extended Day Assistant
Patricia West West, Patricia Cafeteria Staff
Kennedy Wilson Wilson, Kennedy Instructional Assistant
Shawn Young Young, Shawn 7th/8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Michael Zahorsky Zahorsky, Michael Substitute Teacher

All teachers have at minimum a Bachelor's degree.