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Uniform Policy

Our Uniform Policy is included in the Family Handbook on your FACTS Family Portal. At this time, we are working on updating the 2024-25 Family Handbook. 
Read more about our uniform policy:

Uniform Policy

FACTS Family Portal

Our school management system is FACTS SIS (Student Information System) which includes the FACTS Family Portal – a private and secure online platform that will allow you to see your child's academic information while protecting their information from others.

All you need is an internet-capable device to view information such as:

• Attendance                        • School Calendar

• Daily Grades                      • School Announcements

• Progress Reports              • Staff and School Directory

• Transcripts                         • Family Account Balances with Online Payment

• Lesson Plans                     • Teacher Email Addresses

• Discipline                            • Customized Web Surveys and Tests

• Homework                         • Other Useful School Information

FACTS has created a five-minute Family Portal Overview video to introduce you to the system. Please watch it at your convenience by clicking here. The password to access the video is Portal.

Immunization Requirements

Families entering kindergarten or seventh grade must complete/submit the following before school begins:
  • A physical examination (completed within the last year) is required for all kindergarten students, documented on Form DH 3040 (ORIGINAL physical form).
  • All students entering kindergarten must submit Form DH 680 (ORIGINAL Certification of Immunization form).
  • All children entering kindergarten must have had all three Hepatitis B shots and a second Varicella vaccine. Please note: If the fourth dose of polio vaccine is administered prior to the fourth birthday, a fifth dose of the vaccine is required for kindergarten entry. This requirement applies to kindergarten only, no other grade.
  • Students entering grades 7 and 8 are required to have 1 Tdap.

Please note the following immunization requirements:

PreK 3-4 year-olds                         Kindergarten                                     Seventh Grade

4 DTaP                                               5 DTaP                                                1 Tdap

3 Polio                                               4-5 Polio                                              

1 HIB                                                  2 MMR

1 MMR                                              Hepatitis B Series (3 shots)                                        

Hepatitis B Series (3 shots)            Varicella (2)


The Catholic schools of the Diocese of St. Petersburg do not recognize a religious objection to immunization. 

School Supply Lists

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  • School supplies are shipped directly to your home or business. Customizable boxes – change quantities or remove items you don’t need. Free shipping on orders over $50. Expedited processing options are available at checkout.